My husband is, in many ways, the polar opposite of me. I tease him about working a “square,” job. He has to wear a button-up shirt and slacks daily. He is calculated, rarely impulsive. He enjoys routine and order. He likes to play video games.

Even though I razz him about his lack of impulse and his general refusal to go off the deep end and backpack around South America on a moment’s notice, I have to say… Scott is a pretty incredible human being.

He is loyal to a fault. He is a hard worker; even if he’s not quite sure how to do the work, he’ll pull up a YouTube video and figure it out. He is stern, fair, and gentle with William. He takes care of the morning chores in January. He lets me be myself without criticism; all of my impulses, acquisition of animals, tattoos, and dreadlocks… he is a partner that I am grateful to have.

Recently, a student of mine who comes from an extremely challenged economic environment walked to school through rain, sleet, slush, and snow in years’ old sneakers. He was soaked to the bone. He didn’t have any other shoes. He hasn’t had boots all winter. I mentioned it to Scott.

That evening, there was a box of shoes: Two hikers and a pair of Muck boots. The look on the student’s face when I gave them to him was at once tragic and uplifting. He was shocked.

The moment Scott knew someone was in need and he had the means to help, he did. No questions, no need for thanks, nothing. Just a box of shoes for a student who couldn’t afford them and wasn’t going to be able to.

I wish Scott had been able to give the kiddo the shoes and not me, so that he could have seen the change he made in the kid. I’m incredibly grateful for the compassion and genuine kindness he possesses.

End mushy rant.


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