Oh, Heart

Listening to the Postal Service right now, it’s reminding me of being a teenager. Kind of funny how songs can bring a physical hurt to your chest. Not even a bad hurt, just a hurt.

Tentatively planning a backpacking trip to Scotland. Funding, as always, is the big question, but honestly I think impulsive travel boils down to one’s ability to just say, “fuck it.” I’m super good at saying that. It’s a talent.

Thinking about a border collie opportunity that has arisen. I’m going to take it as long as my husband doesn’t divorce me. It’s just a dog, right? Who can divorce their wife over a dog… or two…

Feeling antsy, but I’ve been feeling that way for a few months. I just have the travel bug and it’s never satisfied. Just want to wing it and go do things, but I don’t really have the ability right now.

Saturday I plan on spending time photographing adventures and maybe flea marketing and visiting the ocean. Probably going to get my nose re-pierced. Going to dye my hair blonde. Just feeling like it’s time for a shakeup.

It’s nice to identify that. Shakabuku, off we go.

Pip pip,



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