In My Dream Life…

In my dream life, I would live in a little farmhouse with a black-and-white checkered wooden floor. I would have a couple of sheep and a lazy, black cat who slept inside on the window seat all day.

In my yard would be some apple trees and more flowers than you can count. A laundry line would dry the sheets and there would be a swing in a big elm tree.

In my dream life, I would be a photographer during the summer months, and a tattooist half-time through the year. I would take high school students on hiking trips and educate them on literature and philosophy.

I would have long brown and grey hair, and I would be covered tip to toe in tattoos. Beautiful tattoos. I would surf in the summer mornings, hike in the autumn afternoons, and kayak and swim with my little person as much as possible.

I would travel frugally to places like Tibet and Paris and Morocco. I would go backpacking out west and see concerts in every state. I would eat bread and cheese and wine and fruit every day.

I would practice yoga with William in the evenings to get us ready for bed. I would open the windows wide and smell the apple trees and the summer breeze and fall asleep early in the evening so I could wake up and do it all over again.

If this is my dream life, I think it’s attainable.


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