Waking up this morning after a night of falling asleep with William and Scott in our big fluffy bed at 7pm (by accident), I was struck by an incredible amount of positivity, ambition, and creativity. I’ve had a bit of an ongoing headache for three days now, which is quite unusual, and I’ve been tired and have cold sores. Sometimes when I get into a couple-day-slumps, it’s hard to shake them off. However, I woke up today and felt as though someone had just peeled my anxiousness off my shoulders.

So! This morning I’m working on some of my bright ideas for the potential new house, I’m looking up Dave Matthews’ tour schedule (I will go, even if I have to go by myself), and I’m getting things done. I’m writing and exploring this nice spring day, even from inside the school.

Tomorrow we’re taking the chemistry students to a farm for a field trip. Saturday is my first wedding of the season (at a bowling alley, no less), and Sunday, weather permitting, William and I are going to go hiking. Yeah!!

Pip pip,



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