Self Portraits & A Song To Chew On

I spent the afternoon visiting with my Mimi today. We sit in her kitchen at the wooden table and feel the woodstove fire and talk about all of the things on our minds. Today the clouds were dramatic and dark, angry and fierce, and the rain couldn’t decide if it wanted to stay or not.

We drank coffee from the old tea cups and waxed poetic about nothing in particular. Mimi drew mindlessly on a piece of paper as we talked and I watched her old, tough hands as she drew.

After the visit, I headed to the only place I would go after visiting Mimi. The ocean was steel and cold looking, with no white caps but turbulent water nonetheless. My initial project, at least in my mind, was to capture “quintessential Maine.” The Cove is a wild place, though, and while it is the dearest place to my heart, I couldn’t envision it being “quintessential Maine.” In fact, I associate it with wild and freedom and brazen and courage and heart and anger and frustration and love and beauty and unfathomable feelings.

So, instead, I took some photos of how I feel about the place.

While sorting through these photos, I listened to Nick Drake’s album, “Five Leaves Left.” Here’s a link to my favorite Nick Drake song.

Cove1 Cove2 Cove3 Cove4 Cove5 Cove6 Cove7 Cove8 Cove9


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