A Vacation Tally

Will and I were on vacation this week. Here are some things we did:

– Took Jackson hiking up Streaked Mountain.

– Had a very fancy breakfast with bacon, French toast, champagne glasses (with water!), yogurt and chia seeds, and lovely lace napkins.

– Took Nora Bean to see Cinderella and got cupcakes at a café afterward for a very special Nora Day.

– Played just a little Mario Brothers.

– Will watched Labyrinth for the first time ever. He also slept in bed with me every night.

– Noticed how beautiful the view is every morning from Mama’s bed to the back fields and orchards.

– Spent the day at cousin Wyatt’s house for his birthday.

We had an amazing, relaxing, fun, enjoyable, memorable April vacation. It was truly special and I can’t wait for summer with my amazing, hilarious, intelligent, and thoughtful little one.

Mama sighs all around.


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