If you know me in the slightest, then you know I’m a Renaissance lady; I live and run a small sheep farm, I’m a professional photographer, I love to hike and rock climb, I dabble in surfing, I’m a writer, I’m an avid yoga practitioner, I work full-time at a high school, I teach photography and chemistry classes… I love to do it all.

My biggest challenge is finding the balance. I’ve realized recently that my goals are not quite set. Not only this, but I’ve spread myself so thin with everything I have going on that I can’t quite do it all properly. It’s a really hard truth to face, but I’ve come to the conclusion on my own that I just have way, way too much happening in my life.

And the thing is, I love doing things the right way. I have an insatiable thirst for adventure and travel, and I have career goals that I want to meet. And so, I’ve set forth some short and long-term goals, and I’m going to be paring down significantly on my workload.

Here are my goals. They are well thought out and they are definitively good goals.

1. Reduce the amount of responsibilities I have overall.

2. Focus my career on photography singularly.

3. Only have Crow and Maisie (One horse, one sheep) on the farm.

4. Pay down as much debt as possible, create a legitimate savings account.

5. Travel. Travel. Travel.

Reducing the farm is difficult. I’ve spent a long time building it up. I love my sheep, I love Scottish Blackface sheep in particular. I’m very attached to the chickens, I like not buying eggs. I love the beauty of the sheep in the pasture, the sound of tiny lambs in the spring. But, it is the right decision. Right now, we don’t have the time to do it properly. I don’t have the finances right now to travel and have a savings account and a farm.

And so, we are selling our sheep. All except Maisie and perhaps her daughter, only because Maisie is so old.

Photography is exploding. I want to keep it this way. My wedding season starts in two weeks. I have a lot of equipment I need to buy, marketing to do, and it takes significant time to do this all properly. I want to do it properly. I want to travel for photography, I want to expand my clientele.

We’re in the perfect situation to start paying down debt, as long as we eliminate the excess expenses. By eliminating the sheep expenses, from feed to fencing to veterinarian visits, and by freeing up time to be able to explore opportunities, we can start paying down some of the excess debt we have.

Travel. Travel! I want to go back to France. I want to go to Tibet, Nepal, to visit my friend in Australia, I want to see Ireland when I’m not pregnant, explore the Scottish highlands, to see as much as we can before we’re too old to do it.

William is getting older, more independent and more able to travel. Jackson is ill, and it is a tragedy but we are losing him soon. Our commitments are dwindling and that results in some financial stability and my ability to focus on photography and exploration. As hard as it is, there are some new directions in our futures.

Namasté, all.


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