A Bulleted List of Beautiful Things That Happened Today

This morning was challenging: Jackson lost control of his bladder, and I had to call the veterinarian to tell her we were choosing not to treat him with chemotherapy. Upon my arrival at work, I was not in a wonderful state of mind.

However, the day evolved into a wonderful as sometimes they will do. Here are the things that made my day beautiful, in chronological order:

– I brought my chemistry students to the farm today. I spent an hour and a half watching underprivileged teenagers revel in the glory of being around animals and in nature. I watched students explore and let loose and enjoy. It made my heart incredibly happy.

– My goat-herder neighbor offered to give me raw goat’s milk for Jackson, who enjoys it very much and will eat it heartily. It’s full of nutrients and is super good for him. I thought it a very kind gesture.

– I spoke with Jackson’s vet, not the oncology vet, who assured me that we were choosing the right path and that we would do everything possible to make this the smoothest transition into the end-stage of life. It was wonderful to hear him assure me and to reiterate that Jackson has had a great life and that it is not quite yet over.

– William got a pink star at school, which signifies that he had a terrific day. It always makes him incredibly proud to do so well, and he gave me an enormous hug when I picked him up from daycare.


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