Animal Antics

On my way home last night, Scott called me to ask where I was. This is pretty unusual for him, and I cautiously asked, “…Why?”

“Because Jacks is out of his kennel, but it’s still locked.”


So I went and picked William up at daycare and swung home. Jacks was in the kitchen, under the kitchen, acting ashamed. I wondered, did he destroy something?

Turns out, he decided to try to chew his way through the metal bars on his kennel, resulting in a horribly swollen and bloody nose, along with his upper left canine (tooth) being snapped in half. The nerve pulp was exposed out of the nerve canal.

I called the vet, who said, “Ahh… yes, Jackson. Well, we have to remove it or do a root canal, your choice.” Great.

Later that evening, two of the sheep were found to have broken through the pasture fence and ended up in the horse pasture. Cowering in the back corner of the run in, terrified of the horses, I think they were more than happy to be dragged back to their own pasture.

Ahhh, spring is in the air, and it smells like broken fences and vet bills. Ooh rah!


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