“It Is What It Is,”: A Dangerous Phrase

Hearing this phrase pretty frequently, I rarely put much thought into it until fairly recently. “It is what it is.”

There is something to be said for acceptance of one’s situation. When you are in a bad or even a good place, allowing oneself to accept it can be pretty challenging. So, in that light, “It is what it is,” may be a handy phrase.

But I don’t think that’s how most people are using it. I think most people are using it as a very lazy, complacent phrase.

I don’t think most things can be lumped into the grouping of, “It is what it is.” No. That is a message of lethargy and complacency, and I reject its use.

It is what you make it, I say. It is what you create it to be. It is what you envision it to be. It is what you work your ass off for it to be.

Hear me now: It is what it is, if you allow it to be so.

And so, I reject the lazy, complacent use of that phrase. You should, too.


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