Small Accomplishments

It would not be a stretch to say that winter is hard for me personally, and that some things in life have been stressful. Of course stress is normal and everyone has it, but I feel particularly affected by stress in the winter.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that despite some of the struggles, stresses, and winterish* stuff, there have been many positives in my life of late.

Physically I am in the best shape that I have been in for several years. This not only enhances my mood but puts a sense of happiness and well-being into my life. I attribute this to running and doing obscene amounts of yoga and remembering my vegetarian roots. And speaking of my yoga practice, a couple of accomplishments in that arena include my newfound ability to perform the Crow Pose and also do a forward bend with my forehead and nose touching my knees.

In the self-happiness arena I have been doing so much art; drawing and photographing. I spend just a few minutes every day working on a drawing, and even that brings me significant stress relief. Combine that with the new horse who has been such a joy, even though she’s a huge project. She’s sweet and gentle and William truly enjoys working with her, as well.

And then in the Jenn-business world, the photography business is prospering and proliferating. I’m so excited for this year’s garden, it will be the best one I’ve ever done, and also the flowers we (I) have chosen will be stellar… poppies and cornflowers and wildflowers… And then the lambs! I imagine mid-March we will be seeing our lambs pop up. I think we may keep them all this year, but we will see. Depends on our gender distribution, of course.

Things feel good, things are looking good, and spring is coming up quite quickly on us.

*Winter: Winter is not that bad. I know I bitch a lot about it, and I really should stop. I’m outside at least twice a day for significant time doing animals, we sled, we play, we go outside… I just get tired of having to wear boots and jackets and hats and mittens and scarves and snowpants and parkas and… and also, I just really dislike the cold. It is insanely inconvenient having a farm in the winter; water freezes, animals are cold, grain freezes, manure freezes, lambs can be born in negative degree weather… Just super inconvenient. So, I do apologize for my complaining but it is somewhat merited. In my opinion.


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