It is snowing. It has snowed for just about a week straight now. Apparently another blizzard is headed our way in a couple more days. On Friday morning we had 43″ of snow on the ground, and it was snowing then and it is snowing now. So, who knows.

What I do know is that I am sitting in my kitchen right next to my favorite inanimate object, the woodstove, sipping a glass of red, waiting for the pots and pans to heat up for supper.

William has been more than an angel today, which is super uncharacteristic. Not one meltdown. He helped put away his laundry, he played chess with me, he did a puzzle on his own, we did crafts. No fussing. No… anything.

Listening to Celtic music and just enjoying the evening. I don’t like how cold it is. I know the sheep and chickens don’t, either, but for a windy, snowy, cold, February evening, this one’s pretty fine.

I’m looking forward to a cease in the snow action, but until then… I guess we’ll just have to put our snowpants on.


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