This Spring, This Summer, This Autumn

This Spring

Is going to be busy, full of photographs, seeds, bare feet, and greenery. Lambs will be bounding through the fields and my gardens will be bursting with little tiny plants which we will care for all spring. I will refuse to wear shoes and will only wear dresses and cardigans. My brides will be closer to being married and our photographs will stop looking so winterish and will begin to look full of life and lush.

This Summer

Will be hot, sweltering, full of sweat and work and beach and time with my William and hiking and photography. The gardens will be filled to the brim and the farm stand will be booming. We will be working outside, and I will only wear pantaloons and aprons. The sheep will be lazy and the horses will lay in the shade. We will travel out west and hike and enjoy our little family. Everything will be warm and beautiful.

This Autumn

Will be full of travel and apples and raspberries. The harvest will be in full swing and I will return to wearing my cardigans and leggings. We will spend time rock climbing and hiking, and enjoying the wonderful autumn food that happens every year. William will be in first grade and we will be working our tails off, teaching and photographing. This autumn will be filled with moody photography and enjoyable days spent editing by the fireside.

Let’s just get through winter.


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