This Evening

Sitting in my chair next to the fire listening to Railroad Earth and planning our adventure out west to Colorado. Watching Jackson lay on the floor in complete agony because we’ve halved his food as he’s gained about eight pounds this winter. My legs are sore from a good run in the snow today.

That’s right, I ran outside today. Not in a gym. Outside. In the snow. Up my stupid steep hill. ‘Twas wonderful.

Edited a client’s photographs, Will’s teeth are brushed and he’s lounging around in his flannel PJ’s. Half day for him at school tomorrow, short day for me. Lots of photographing to do this weekend.

Yoga in a bit, some Alfred Noyes, a cup o’ tea and then Game of Thrones. Could it get better? Could it?

Sure. Money doesn’t flow like it should yet. It’s the dead of winter. I am FORCED to wear shoes. My hair is turning gray. Sure. All of these things are true.

But the truth of the matter is, we have a warm kitchen with beautiful music, a happy family, wholesome food, and comfy beds. We have a spring full of lambs and seedlings to look forward to. We have barefoot adventures in the summer to look forward to. We have so many good things.

Namaste and to all a goodnight.


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