Currently sitting in my kitchen listening to the woodstove crank, Jackson sigh on the floor, and the music on my computer. I’m waiting for sushi rice to be done steaming. Rice balls for lunch this week, yay!

Sushi rice, by the way, is kind of a pain in the ass to make. You have to wash it over and over again, soak it, drain it, cook it, steam it… all for a couple of cups of rice. I mean, it’s the best rice ever but it’s rice nonetheless.

I guess it’s not that bad, I’m just complaining. And waiting.

It’s sleeting or snowing or some gross combination of precipitation outside. It’s been snowing since last night. I’m hoping in the next few weeks that we will get some fluffy snowshoeing snow, but from where I sit it looks more like ice-skating snow.

I’m happy January has already begun. January and February are the worst two months; it’s cold, so cold, and there isn’t much for greenery around. I know William loves to ski so for that I am grateful, but I’m not a mountain-bum when it comes to skiing or snowboarding. Just climbing, and it is not easy for me to motivate myself to go winter hiking or ice climbing when it’s just me.

But, today was a nice slow Sunday and I’ve appreciated that. Groceries and dinner with Scott’s parents tonight after picking up William (I miss that kid unbelievably when he’s away.). Back to work at the school tomorrow.

My breathing issue has started to clear up, which makes me think it was because of Christmas. Christmas makes me severely anxious. It’s just all this holiday bullshit where people go above and beyond their budgets to cater to a completely materialistic viewpoint of peace and joy. It’s junk. On top of that, juggling several family’s traditions is really hard.

On top of that, I’m not even religious so arbitrarily worshiping the 25th seems ridiculous, but now I’m getting off topic. The point I was making was that my breathing and anxiety levels have dropped drastically and so I’m feeling much better.

And I’m waiting. Waiting for the rice to steam, waiting for the spring to come, waiting for starting vegetables, waiting for lambs, waiting for wedding season, waiting for warm weather, waiting for hiking, waiting, waiting, waiting…

And yet, in the meantime, I feel completely accomplished in terms of planning the vegetable garden this year, continuing my fitness goals, eating cleanly and happily, spending wonderful snuggly time with William, and photographing what I’m able to.

Happy to be back writing, happy to be back on a normal non-holiday schedule. Happy things are headed towards adventures this summer and other wonderful things.

Count those gratefuls. Count ’em.


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