It’s 2015: Obligatory (Read: AWESOME) Post on The New Year

I’m not going to waste my time telling you about 2014. Other than getting married, it was a super stressful, uneventful, meh year. Seriously. The age of 25 was pretty boring, picture a piece of hardly-buttered toast… I had to cancel a huge trip out west and money was tight and I was switching jobs and the lady who sold me a horse backed out and blah blah…


It’s 2015, ladies and gents, and now I can just put 2014 in a box and tuck it far into the back of my attic and let it collect dust. Onward and upward, folks!

So, to celebrate 2015, I bought three tickets to see the Avett Brothers at Red Rocks in Colorado this July.

That means we get to go on an 8-10 day road trip out to Colorado to show William the sights, and to go see one of my favorite bands play in an amazing venue. Sounds pretty good to me!

I’m nearly a week into P90X which sucks but I also love to do.

I’m taking my Vitamin D so that I don’t get the Winter Sads, which seems to be working thus far.

I can do Crow Pose and Pigeon Pose without being a) Angry or b) Uncomfortable and that feels like an accomplishment, although it doesn’t really have much to do with it being 2015.

Here are my 2015 “Resolutions”:

– Climb as much as I can

– Hike as much as I can

– Keep my photography business as successful as possible

– Have amazing adventures with my family

– Have a good lambing season

– Drink more tea, do more yoga, read more poetry

Complete side note: Here’s a playlist I put together tonight in a fit of joy:

Take Two


Oh, herrow, 2015. Let’s get cookin’, if you know what I mean…




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