Weekend Plans

Here are my weekend intentions. Sometimes it helps to write them down and be accountable for them. I will photo-document them I think.

Friday night, I will go out for dinner with my lovely husband and then we will go see The Hunger Games. I will try to not pine over my little one, because when I don’t have him on weekends, I get into slumps. I intend to be grateful that he is spending time with his father and continuing to develop a good relationship with him.

Saturday is a busy day. I will wake up and do some yoga, and then I will clean up the house. I will get my camera gear ready, and head down to Southern Maine to shoot a bride and I will photograph the entire day. I will go to Home Depot and pick up paint and brushes so I can spiff up my office. I will have dinner with my grandmother and family, and I may hang out down in Portland Saturday evening and do some night photography.

Sunday I will go hike up Streaked Mountain in the morning. I will clear out the office and paint the walls. I will be satisfied even if I do not get it all finished. I will attempt to do it, though, and I will move the table if possible into that room. I will get a crock-pot dinner ready and go get my little man and it shall be awesome.

There. My intentions are out in the world and that means I am now responsible for them.


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