Dreadlocks: Recap From Week One

I started dreadlocking my hair a week and a half ago. I did three or four, just to see how it was. After sitting in awareness of those several dreads, I decided to do all of it. So, I did.

Some thoughts I have had:

1. I should have gridded my hair out like everyone on the Internet recommends. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any help doing my hair so I had to somewhat wing it. At this point, I have some very nicely shaped dreadlocks with some funky roots. I’m hoping with time the roots will calm down a little bit.

2. I have showered every day, and wash my hair every other day. It’s feeling clean, nice, and the dreads are holding up just fine.

3. I have had my hair up at work every day with a headband, and no one seems to notice or care at all. I plan on letting it down once I put the extensions in, but they haven’t arrived yet so I can’t.

4. I used the twist and rip method, along with crocheting. This has made them super tight and super neat, so they don’t look absurd.

5. My biggest struggle is that I have a dry scalp. Wicked dry scalp. Trying to figure out what to do about that. I’m told that it will go away as my scalp gets used to not having as much stimulation, but it’s kind of killing me. And by kind of, I mean seriously.

So I will post some before & after photos once I’m ready to do that in terms of not feeling self-conscious.

Pip pip!



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