Visuals on Life

Halloween was this weekend. William went as Harry Potter (Scout’s honor, I didn’t even bring up the idea, it was all his idea) and it went swimmingly. We went to my old neighborhood in Cape Elizabeth and met up with my cousins Lisa & Nikki, their kiddos, Mimi & Poppy, my parents… and we just walked around for like two hours. William never had one melt down, just had a blast. It was so much fun, I’m glad we’ve never missed a trick-or-treating year there!


I was hired by Goods of Record to shoot a soap maker in Rockland who makes amazing soap out of beer. It was a perfectly fun time, quick, and I also got some free soap out of the deal. If you’re looking for crazy good smelling soap, check these guys out.


It snowed today but I’m so unimpressed by it that I didn’t even take a picture. Also, it was mad windy out so I didn’t go outside until I fed the sheep at five, and it was pitch black out. So it goes. Snow. Ugh.

I’m dreading my hair up next weekend. I just ordered up some dread extensions so they won’t be so short and funky to begin with. My hair is finally back to brown, and even though I hate it I know that it’s way more healthy than the bleach blonde crap I was doing. So, to dreadies I will go. I can’t wait. I got my extensions from Dread Stop, so hopefully they are awesome and well worth the time to have ’em shipped from Australia.

What else… Today was a day of epic snowed-in proportions. Here is a list of the things we all did:

– Painted William’s face into a zombie, because he really needed to do that.

– Baked homemade rolls, a blueberry pie, and made warm cinnamon-spiced cider.

– Edited all of the photos for Goods of Record / Maine Beer Soap.

– Cleaned the kitchen and got most of the laundry caught up.

It was nice to not go anywhere today even though we had initially made plans to go visit Steph & Erik’s new house, unfortunately the snow kind of spooked me from it.

And now it is only 6:53pm even though it feels like eight because of freakin’ daylight savings time. Lordy.

Over and out.


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