Hiking Eisenhower / Bartering / Photography / Web Design / Life

A blog post in the form of news bullets, because I am feeling quite lazy but also feeling the need post something.

Hiking Eisenhower: Mt. Eisenhower is a 4,000 footer in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It has an elevation of 4,780 feet and has a prominence of about 350 feet. For all of my hiking in the Whites, I’ve never hiked Eisenhower.

So! Scott and I are hiking it this Saturday. I made a page on my blog so that I can keep track of the N.E. 4,000 footers that Scott and I have hiked together, which at this point is just Washington. I did a ton of solo hiking as a single lady, but I decided to keep track of the ones we have done together because… it seems fair.

So! I’m quite excited for that. I plan on taking a billion photos, so stay tuned.

Bartering: I have so far successfully bartered for training sessions for Dantés from a professional trainer, as well as a year’s worth of farrier services from our farrier. BOOM. Love cashless purchases; plus, I bartered photography and web design, so it’s stuff I like doing. Double win!

Photography: Speaking of photography, it’s been picking up quite well. I have booked three weddings for next year, and in the past week have done a family session, a baby girl named Adilynn, and launched a website for a restaurant called Marché Kitchen and Wine Bar. So, at this point it is feeling pretty fine! I would like to see it keep rolling. Especially considering the slow season is setting in, and I’m still doing ok!

Life: Dantés is finally coming home on November 1st. Getting gelded is an ordeal, so he’s going to have two weeks to recover before coming here so I can get to work with him.

William saw Harry Potter for the first time (We skipped the scary parts, obviously) and he is obsessed, running around the house with a wand yelling spells (Wingardium leviosa for days, people, days.) It’s a pretty awesome moment because… well, Harry Potter. I can share the magic with my kiddo!! We’re reading the book right now.

Married life: Still equally as awesome as unmarried life, which is awesome because we are happy and normal and it feels really nice. People keep asking, “How’s married life?” and my response is, “The same as it was before… should it be any different?” And the answer, in my head, is no it should not be any different. We’re the same people, it’s just more legal and devoted in everyone else’s eyes; in mine, it is the same. A wedding band is a fabulous thing, but it does not define us. I mean that all in the best way possible.


T’ings are good; settled, normal, wonderful, crazy, boring, awesome, low-key, excellent.


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