A bit more on Dantés. I think I’ve mentioned he’s a 2-year old Shire stallion, soon to be gelded. He’s just barely halter broken.

His background is this:

The veterinarian who owns him also owns about 18 shires. Dantés is her stud’s last colt, as they gelded him as well. So Dantés dam (mother) was bred to Dr. Mickol’s stallion, and then the mare went back to the owner’s house.

When Dantés was born, he spent about six months in a pasture with his mother with little to no human contact. Because the woman who owned him was going through a divorce, she had no time for him. So when Dr. Mickols took him back, she kept him in a stall for several weeks to get him used to people. As a result, he’s very people-oriented.

Interestingly enough, he was born in August of 2012, not April or May which is typically when horses are bred to be foaled.

So! Not only is he six months younger than most horses from 2012, but he also is about six months behind in terms of learning. Essentially, I have a two-year old horse in size, but a one-year old horse in mindset.

Here are some photos! He’s VERY thin, I know. It’s fairly typical for horses of his breed at this age, and at any rate, he’s not living with me yet so I can’t bulk him up until I get him here.









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