A Pony! A Pony! We’re Getting a Pony!

Well, he’s not a pony. But we’re still getting him!

Well, as Scott would say, “we’re” not getting him. “I” am getting him, but with Scott’s “support.” Sounds awfully technical, doesn’t it?

But, I will take it. I willll take it.


He is about 17.2hh. “Hh” is a hand unit, (I’ve always thought of it as ‘horse hands’…) which is a unit of measurement that equine people use. Each ‘hh’ is the equivalent of four inches, roughly the width of a hand held sideways, which is where it is derived from originally.

Additionally, hh are measured at the crest of the shoulder of the horse. So, this “pony,” is 68.8 inches, which is almost 5’9″ at the shoulder.

He’s only two years old, and still has quite a bit of growth to do. While most of his growth will be filling out, (He’s at the awkward juvenile stage where his head seems too big and his legs too long and he’s not as muscular as an adult would be.) he may grow in height a bit more. His sire is only about 17.3hh, but his mother is over 18hh, so it’s hard to predict accurately how tall he will end up being.

I’ve been lackadaisically searching for a horse for a while. My mother, sister, and I have this nasty habit of always perusing horse classifieds without an intention, (just to see all the pretty horses…) and then we stumble across a horse and we fall in love and we think about it and then nothing comes of it. But this one I found because my mother used to be a veterinary technician, working with a vet named Dr. Terry Mickols. Dr. Terry raises Shires…

…And she happens to have this lovely, two-year-old Shire stallion. He is gorgeous and sweet and perfect.

He won’t stay a stallion, of course. She will be gelding him for safety reasons; no one needs a 2,000 lb stallion at their house if they’re not a breeding operation. Which we are not.

He also has an underbite, which is why he is for sale at such a crazy-low price. Unfortunately underbites can be congenital, and judges at shows check the mouths of horses typically, and so he is neither a good breeding candidate nor a good show candidate. Luckily, nothing I want to do with him involves either of those.

We (we!) are going to name him Dantés. I think he’s going to be coming in the next couple of weeks.

I’m going to take some photos and post them tomorrow or maybe even tonight if you’re lucky. “We” are visiting him tonight!


2 thoughts on “A Pony! A Pony! We’re Getting a Pony!

  1. It’s great you’re getting a two-year old! Enough time to see him grow and train him as soon as he’s old enough. And a shire, woah! They’re so huge when they’re grown up. Wish you all the best, I’ll stay tuned. 🙂

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