Wedding Non-Stress: Anyone Else With Me?

For some reason, everyone expects me to be a huge bucket of stress over the whole wedding thing. I’ll be honest, I’m really enjoying the whole process. I mean, of course organization is complicated and finances aren’t particularly enjoyable when you’re paying for wedding things (However, we are doing fabulously on a shoestring budget on purpose, so that’s cool). I guess I am struggling with the fact that I’m not struggling.

There are plenty of things in life that are stressful right now, but getting married is not one of them. I am less than two weeks out, and I am yet to be fa-reaking out over all this.

I’m running through possible stress factors and I think they’re all on lockdown:

Is Scott going to show up? Yep. Check.

Is the Justice of the Peace going to show up? Yep.

Is William going to be there? Yep.

Does my dress still fit? Yep.


I guess that’s it. Seriously. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents are all helping and everyone is amazing and we are such a good team and no I don’t give a crap about my nails or a facial…

I’m just happy to be getting married in our apple orchard surrounded by our family.

So, no. I’m not stressed about the wedding. Yes, the planning is going fine.

Why is this so peculiar? Anyone else out there in the same boat? The non-stressful boat?




Holy moly, we are less than two weeks away from seeing everyone we love and having a party and getting married.


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