Peaceful Home

Will was in a wild mood when I picked him up tonight, but he settled eventually. He had a long weekend with his dad, and usually he has so much fun he’s plumb tuckered out, as was the case tonight.

Once we got home he took a shower and I picked up a bit. Now he’s all clean, and we just made from-scratch chocolate chip cookies from my old neighbor’s recipe. They’re baking in the oven right now and they smell delish.

Will has just presented me with a picture he drew, which was the best one I’ve seen him draw so far. It showed the sun, some grass, a floating sheep, his “baby sister” (NO I’m not pregnant) and him and I. Sitting here with a nearly-autumnal breeze and listening to John Denver croon is just making my evening the beyond amazing.

Simple, terrific, lovely pleasures of domestic life that I thought I would never settle into. This is weird, but it feels good.



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