For The First Time Ever…

… I am thrilled to be putting in some serious roots at my home. I have loved this place for a long time, but at this point I am finally looking at a horse of my own (It’s been so, so long) and I am planning my enormous garden for next year and the fences are finished and things feel so good.


The horse is a middle-aged Percheron mare. She stands about 17h tall and weighs about 1800 lbs. Currently she is a broodmare, which means she needs some love and attention and training, but I think I am up for the challenge. Her name is moon, and she is dark as the night. We will see if the budget allows, but I’ve got a good feeling about her.


The outside parts of the house which were crucial last year are less so this year; it seems the fence is holding in even the smallest of the sheep (Miss Beatrix, to be precise) and it’s even completely painted, which only took me a year to finish. So it goes. The point I am making is that it is complete! At least the front part, and that feels pretty decent.


The upstairs renovation is essentially done. The rooms are how they should be, walls have been either deconstructed, constructed, painted, etc. There isn’t much to do for actual repair work aside from painting a hallway or two this fall.


We have established customers for the farm, both sheep and produce. I just gained another design client. Not sure what’s going on, but it feels super good.


Maybe it’s the horse, maybe it’s the fact that the fleeting scent of early fall is in the air but my body and mind feel fully invigorated, and it is thrilling.



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