I am watching The Neverending Story with the Midge. It’s the first time he’s seen it, and I’ve skipped a couple fairly traumatic parts (see: Artex getting sucked into the swamp, that crushed me as a child.).

We got home late this morning from a night spent with my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Birch Harbor, Maine. They live on an enchanting farm on the coast; a beautiful, somewhat isolated community on the Gouldsboro peninsula.

Scott, the Midge, and I made the trek Downeast firstly to visit with my fabulous family, and secondly to participate in a small festival called The Jubilee. The community that puts on The Jubilee are incredible; the whole ordeal is a pot-luck, and features music from bluegrass, to Appalachian banjo, to punk rock. We showed up in the evening and did not leave until midnight, though Will fell asleep on my lap much earlier.

We so rarely keep him up, but it was so worth it. There were dozens of kids, including my cousins, running around, dancing, eating as much food as possible and just being kids. The music was so much fun, and on top of that it was such a great demonstration of how many people can get together to create a wonderful environment and without any issues.

When we got home today, Will, Scott, and I made a picnic and played outside. Will was absolutely wiped by the time Scott had to head to work, so we are snuggling up in my bed watching The Neverending Story while I edit some photos from a client this past weekend.

I am a happy, lucky woman.



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