Parental Victories

Here are some things I consider to be parenting victories with William. I’m not sure who is to be credited for this, but I think it is a solid combination of Will’s fluid personality, his parents and step-parent, his grandparents, and the environment that he is raised in.

1. Water is his highest-consumed beverage.

2. He will eat bread of any shape, color, or texture. He also eats broccoli, spinach, kale, and green beans willingly.

3. He corrects me when I say a word the wrong way.

4. He is developing an appreciation for living things. (i.e., he doesn’t squash bugs immediately upon discovery.)

5. He plays with his imagination daily.

6. He loves to snuggle and be affectionate towards family members.

7. He sticks up for others, including pets, farm animals, and other people. (When I scold our dog, Will tells me not to yell at him.)



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