Graph: # Weeks in Environmental Science Class vs. Anxiety Levels

In my parenting and non-acadmic/non-science life, I am a fairly… relaxed person. Maybe. Well, I tend to think I’m very accepting of others opinions and lifestyles, and I also have a very laissez-faire attitude about a lot of things. But that attitude and “relaxed,” nature takes work for me; I’m not naturally a relaxed person. I try really hard, but I’m just not.

In fact, my brain is like a very complicated, very high-speed road system; there are tons of things happening all at once and all over the place. This is often very helpful; I’m a terrific multitasker, I’m extremely creative, I can come up with ideas like no one else I know, and I also have a high absorbance level of information. I love to learn, and my brain is good at doing so.

However, there is an intellectual downside to this. Generally speaking, those who have the ability to grasp more information at a higher understanding rate typically also struggle with avoiding overanalyzation and anxiety. I happen to have a pretty good handle on those things, but sometimes I let my anxiety about things get the best of me.

For example, my environmental science class this semester: It was terrific. Inspirational. Informative. Wonderful. Also extremely depressing, anxiety-filled, and sort of sad all around. I found that my reaction to the class followed a bell curve pretty well. 

At first, I had very little anxiety because I thought I was well aware of the issues. Then, I realized that while I might be aware of the issues, I was certainly not aware of just how deep-rooted and horribly irreversible they are. And then, after my moment of pure darkness where I lost all hope for the human race, my professor started throwing in little bits of positivity. I started thinking that if we all did our part, maybe something good could happen.

So, naturally I constructed a line graph to delineate exactly how I felt this semester, week by week.

If you can’t read the text, I think you can click to enlarge it. Enjoy!



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