Streaked: Why Hiking Alone Is Just Fine, and How Much I Hate Litter

The first time I ever hiked Streaked “Mountain,” was in 2006. My friend, Nick Costanzi, and I were sitting around at his house not accomplishing much when he asked me if I’d like to go hiking. It was the middle of the summer, and the day was beautiful. Of course, I agreed to go.

So we hopped in his car and headed out towards a small town called Buckfield. I remember the windows were rolled all the way down,  and we didn’t have a conversation the whole way there. We were just listening to Pink Floyd and driving through the foothills of Western Maine.

Streaked Mountain is a mole hill in comparison to most of the mountains in this part of Maine and New Hampshire. It is only about 20-30 minutes of a hike up it, but it happens to be elevated in the first place so the view is spectacular. It is as if you have been climbing for an hour or two instead of just a brief thirty minutes.

My stress levels have been pretty high in the past couple of weeks, what with school winding down, new jobs starting, paying for a wedding, and realizing that all I’m going to be doing this summer is working. So this morning I decided that instead of going to classes (I know, Joe, that you read this blog so… don’t take it too hard.) I was going to go hiking.

Streaked is only about 40 minutes from my home, so after dropping Will off, I headed to Streaked. I work at 1 today, so I had to go somewhere that was near and that I was familiar with so that I could get in, up, down, and out.

It was windy today, and only in the upper thirties for temperatures. Jackson, as soon as I got his collar out, was skirting all around knowing that he was going for a hike.

The walk was wonderful, windy, brisk, and just what I needed to calm my nerves and to reset my spiritual meter. I will note that I have never seen so much litter as I have this year on the side of the road and on the trail.

I picked up so much junk, and was upset with myself for not bringing a bag for the rest of the litter I couldn’t carry. But, you can’t do it all and I will be back soon to pick up the rest.

I also would like to add that Jacks has become a stellar trail dog. In the beginning of our hiking partnership, I wasn’t so sure. He would go bombing off with absolutely zero regard to calls and whistles. After four years of training, he now stays within sight-range, responds immediately to “stop,” “wait,” “stay,” and, ”

Here are my photos, enjoy!

hiking10 hiking8 hiking7 hiking6 hiking5 hiking4 hiking9 hiking3 hiking2 hiking1


2 thoughts on “Streaked: Why Hiking Alone Is Just Fine, and How Much I Hate Litter

  1. Sorry to see that someone littered with the Nectar of the Gods a.k.a PBR. (Yep, college degree but I’m low brow to the marrow of my bones). How is your book coming along?

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