Some Things I Daydream About

A sauna. I would love to build a sauna, there’s a perfect spot in one of the barns where it opens up to the back yard which I someday will turn into a beautiful garden.

A horse. We have two, but one is about 30 and the other is my sister’s, and neither of which do me a whole lot of good right now. Someday, soon, I will have a Shire or an Andalusian, and Will will learn to ride her. It will be terrific.

Obtaining all the land around us. There are about forty acres for sale surrounding our farm, and it is one of my greatest ambitions to acquire it so it won’t turn into a development, and so we can expand the farm to include a bigger orchard and more sheepies. I guess some cows too.

More kiddos. I really, shockingly, do think about this a lot. Someday, probably.

Having time to write. I have so many fabulous ideas for novels and books and short stories, and I don’t have time to write them. I’m so up to my neck in school, studying, and driving that there is no time.

Biking to work. I have a job interview for a place not far from my home, and biking to work would be phenomenal.

Paying off as much debt as possible and having a bit more freedom to roam and travel and take a job I like. I have some smaller debts (See: Once I built a kitchen) that need to get paid off, and once they are, our freedom opens up a lot.


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