“Boston Strong”

I first would like to state explicitly that of course the Boston Marathon bombing was a tragedy. It was a completely unnecessary act of violence and loss of life.

For that matter, so were September 11th and Pearl Harbor.

However, I would like to remind all of us very privileged, very sheltered human beings that the Boston Marathon bombing is an every day occurrence for many thousands of our human brothers and sisters. Suicide bombers, kidnappings, drone strikes, genocide, and mass murders happen e v e r y   s i n g l e   d a y   worldwide. EVERY DAY.

I am not minimizing the loss of life at the Boston Marathon, or how sick and tragic and twisted it was. It was terrible.

But we all need to remember that there are many children, women, men, elders, and entire families killed daily around the world in some of our most troubled areas. Globally, we have tragedies like this daily.

I hope that everyone takes a moment to have pause to consider the fact that every day someone is mourning a recent loss from a “terrorist,” attack, and most of those people are not in the United States. Most of these people are in Africa, the Middle East, troubled zones in Asia.


In the Central African Republic, Muslims are being murdered, slaughtered, exterminated. By the thousands. TODAY this is happening.

In March, just last month, 11 people were killed in a bombing outside of a court in Islamabad.

On April 1st during a military drill, North Korea fired on South Korea.

In Syria, there is mass torture, rape, and murder happening; men, women, and children. Today. Right now, as you read this from your home or cell phone.


These are daily happenings. And I feel for every one of those people. We are absolutely Boston Strong; we support our fellow US Citizens. I am so sorry for every one of the families and people affected.

I just hope that everyone can remember that while this is a terribly sad loss of life, that there are people out there every day suffering similar catastrophes. Try to think of it as perhaps Human Strong, instead of just Boston or New York Strong. Maybe we can shift our thought paradigm to include all of the people who suffer from human-inflicted violence, and teach our children that an attack in the US is not any more tragic than an attack in Pakistan or Thailand or the Central African Republic.


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