Counting Positives

It’s been a rough … week or five. I don’t know why, just feeling a bit constricted in the financial sense (Gee whiz, Jenn, can’t imagine why considering you’re a student and left a high paying job to live a meager, educated existence…)

So anyway, it was a rough day. Not only am I sending out applications left and right for awesome and not-so-awesome jobs, I am also feeling a bit freaked out about the prospect of six more years of school for a PhD and living this financially constrained existence… And also this weather kind of makes me feel sleepy and sad.

BUT there are lots of good things. Let’s talk about them.

1. It is quite nearly nice-weather-time. Yesterday it was in the 60’s, and so what if tomorrow is in the 40’s, I know it’s on its way because the irises are popping up in the gardens.

2. I had a job interview today accompanied with a job offer, one tomorrow, and hopefully one in the next week or two. 

3. Grocery shopping happens tonight, and that always makes me feel relaxed. No joke. 

4. There are more lambs coming, and that is always a wonderful thing. 

5. I am living in a beautiful home, with my wonderful family, in a gorgeous setting, and I have a roof over my head, the love of my life sleeps next to me every night while the other one sleeps the next room over, I have a healthy flock of sheep, an orchard out my back door, and I have all of my absolute needs me.


There. That felt better. 


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