(Rare) Words of Wisdom

“Be safe… but not too safe.”

I wrote this down once, and I still hold it to be true after many years. Be safe, but not too safe.

Make sure your knot is tied tight, but trust that if you fall, your rope will hold. 

Make sure you’ve got a good saddle, but trust in your ability to ride.

Don’t renege on your responsibilities, but don’t let them drown you.

I watched a ten minute segment of Russell Brand chatting with the Dalai Lama, and it was heartening to hear His Holiness speak about ordinary things in the most inspirational of ways. 

I’m nervous about not having a career right now. 

I’m anxious about not having a firm explanation for people when they ask me what I’m doing with my life.


I take care of my son. My sheep. My dog. My farm. 

And since I do these things, I feel that I am being safe…

… But not too safe.


Onward and upwards, I say.

Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader. And in my case, I’ve got a ton of practice at it. 



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