Upcoming Photo Project Reveal

I am now ready to announce my big photography project for this spring. Hem hem.

I am working closely with a group of extremely accurate and professional re-enactors of the Wars of the Roses time period. This was an extremely complicated time period in England, (Which, I am informed, is the political scenario George R.R. Martin used as a muse for Game of Thrones… awesome.) in which there were many vying for the throne. The group I am working with is highly skilled and trained in martial arts of the time period, living style, and also… speak. It’s super fascinating.

I met with the two leaders of the group last week at Brian Boru, and on May 4th I will be heading down to their location to shoot some seriously amazing photos.

I hope you’ll check in on them, because I can’t wait to do it!


Things it will involve:

– Jousting. I’m not even kidding.

– Sword combat

– Tents and armor and all the things you’d expect

– Happiness. It will involve happiness because my inner-geek is SO shining right now.


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