Why I Would Never Have Survived in Alaska

There were two points in my life that I nearly made the move to Alaska. The first I was 20, the second I think I was 22. Both were for insanely good financial aid packages, and both didn’t happen because I was pregnant/had a young son.

I always thought of Alaska as this great big adventure, but I would never have survived it.

I know this because winter here
sucks. And it’s mild compared to AK.

But it’s not that I don’t know how to deal with winter- I have the gear, the know-how, and even have winter hobbies like ice climbing and mountaineering…

I have the ability to deal with winter, I just hate it with a fiery passion.

So the more I think about the fact that winter rots, the more I realize how unfit I would have mentally been to deal with Alaska.

Crisis averted, thank the Gods.

Because today it is 50 degrees and it feels like someone breathed a little extra life and vitality into me. Winter had an ugly effect on me this year, and Maine winters are cute compared to boreal winters.

I still want to go visit someday, but I probably will never consider living there. And that’s that.


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