Our Wild Saturday Night

After cooking eggplant parmigiana for a 5:30 supper, Will, Scott, and I listened to the Frozen soundtrack while getting ready for bed. Will then proceeded to re-watch Frozen for the hundredth time, and promptly fell asleep around 7:30. Scott went to feed the sheep, while I poured a glass of Malbec. At this time, I am getting ready to pop in disc 1 of season one of Game of Thrones (second round watching the show… judge if you must.) while Scott listens to classical music as he is showering before bed.

So maybe we don’t get rowdy, and maybe we aren’t out til dawn, and maybe we don’t rage like we did in college.

But honestly, this feels a lot better. I get hugs and kisses from Will before he goes to sleep, and hugs and kisses when he wakes up. I don’t wake up exhausted, I wake up happy. I don’t wake up hung over, I wake up ready to make pancakes and do chores. A little lame, perhaps, but I for one am counting my blessings because all too often I get hung up on silly little things when the reality is that these nights don’t happen forever. They are fleeting, plain, dull, beautiful, and full of wondrous normality. 


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