Working Out

Here is my working out update, in the form of notes:

– I really like chest flys. I like doing them, I like how they feel the next day, and I like that they make women’s breasts perkier.

– Elliptical > Treadmill, and I will have no arguments because if you disagree, then you are wrong.

– I am probably at my least attractive when I am working out. I get red-faced, I huff and puff, and I literally am soaked by the end of my cardio. This is not new, even at my most fit I did this. My body just isn’t about being attractive when I’m running apparently.

– Pretty stoked about what lunges do for my derrière.

I guess that’s my update for now. I’m not doing measurements or weights because I think they’re ridiculous. This will serve a a good record I think.


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