More On How USM Is Doing An Awful Job With It’s Financials

I URGE you to read this. URGE. And then contact the University to express your disgust.

Or just read it and seethe for a little while. Either way, I would say it is essential for everyone – associated or not with the University – to look into how things are run. This is something I wish had been written years ago, because the University needs to be called out.

I wouldn’t trade my education at USM for the world, my experiences here have been phenomenal because of my professors, but this is outrageous. I am embarrassed.

CLICK HERE to read the article by economist Susan Feiner, published in the Portland Press Herald. This article accompanies the news that USM is eliminating several departments, one of which is Geosciences. I will write a whole other post about that.

Come ONNNN people.


2 thoughts on “More On How USM Is Doing An Awful Job With It’s Financials

  1. That is insane. I’m a graduate of UMF and literally JUST signed up for a course at USM to take over the summer, and while I very thankfully had a free ride for my undergrad degree, I’m sure I’ll be shelling out some cash for the course at USM and the others I will be taking in the future. So, while I’m immensely grateful for the knowledge I now have after reading that piece from the Herald, it also makes me call into question how and where I may choose to further pursue my education. I know as a teacher in the public school system that when an administration cannot seem to properly allocate funds (or even be perceived as doing such), the quality of education is directly affected. I don’t call into question your quality experiences at USM or mine at UMF, but eventually things will really begin to fall apart, particularly when professors grow more frustrated and pursue academia elsewhere and students find quality alternatives that are less expensive (which is becoming a reality with multitude of ways and schools that are providing online courses). It’s really sad, but I hope that as people draw attention to the issues, things will change. Again, thanks for linking up the article!

    • I am on my phone, so my response is short, but you’re spot on. I’ve written to both senators and the governor today. The message needs to be spread that this is unacceptable. We hold the power!

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