Heart Shaped Lockets & BB’s

For some reason unknown to all involved, including the Midge himself, William swallowed a heart-shaped locket.

He had it in his pocket all day, and then came up to me while I was cooking dinner to announce that he swallowed it by accident.


At first I wasn’t convinced, but as I began my questioning, it dawned on me that he has actually swallowed it.

So of course we head to the ER to get an X-ray.

Lo and behold, there it was plain as day in his small intestine. Luckily he’s just going to pass it out the other end, no harm done.

But it reminded me of a friend who, maybe ten years ago now, had been playing with a BB gun. He shot a balloon with it, and for some reason which only physics can explain, it ricocheted off the balloon and into my friends eye. Not his eyeball, but his eye socket.

I remember seeing the X-ray of his skull with the BB clear as day in his orbital. Ironically, he blinked it out while waiting for a doctor. Or something along those lines.

Anyway, boys and X-rays and foreign objects. What can ya do?



2 thoughts on “Heart Shaped Lockets & BB’s

  1. Yep-boys and X-rays. Our 5 yr old has had a broken leg, stitches over his eye, and another ER visit that escapes me at the moment. Thought life would be calmer once we had a daughter-nope. She’s even more rowdy than he is. Hope your boy recovers well.

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