Decisions About Online Presence

Hi folks,

So, I have this terrific WordPress blog which I use all the time. I love it.

But I spent one million hours at least working on my actual website, which is

That website is beautiful! It even has a page which displays my WordPress blog on it.

I’m having a tough time deciding if I’d be better off to use my regular website, or my WordPress website. Sigh.

Life decisions that don’t actually matter.


2 thoughts on “Decisions About Online Presence

  1. Jenn. No decision. Use both. The website looks fantastic, by the way. I’d order half a pint of raspberries but they might get squashed on the aeroplane.
    Cheers, Alen

    • Hi Alen,
      I think you’re right. And I do plan on keeping on WordPress, the community here is too awesome to walk away from. Also, thank you for the praise on my website!! Come visit the farm if you ever find yourself in the US.


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