Online Quizzes

I took two online quizzes today. Which is completely out of the norm, because I usually take … well, none. I usually don’t take online quizzes about anything.

The first one was “Which Game of Thrones Character Would You Be?” Apparently I would be Ygritte, according to this quiz. It said:

“You’re zany, passionate, and just a little bit untamed. While you’re constantly on the hunt for new adventures and new thrills, you’re enamored with the idea of someday settling down and living a simpler life. Or not It’s sort of a toss-up if domestic bliss is in your future, but adventure always will be.”

Alright, well, fair enough. That’s fine. And strangely fitting. I’ll take it. 


The second quiz I took was what kind of, if any, anxiety do I have. It reported, “You have existential anxiety.”


Conclusion? Online quizzes somehow are very accurate. 

What an enlightening day.


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