I Am…


… A radical, quirky, thinks-outside-of-the-box Mamasita who isn’t perfect, but tries her damnedest.

… A sheep farmer with no purpose save that of the pleasure and peace of caring for her flock.

… A scientist without a graduate degree, but with all the other credentials.

… A music critic without the authority, but with taste, knowledge, and appreciation.

… A photographer with few clients, and an eye for the beauty in the small things.

… An activist with a small audience, with big views, backed up by data and passion.

… A climber and a surfer with mediocre skills, but enough heart to make up for it.

… A border collie trainer with a border collie who can’t herd sheep.

… A storyteller with many more miles to go, but an awful lot of miles behind her as well.

… An old soul, just discovering how to help herself flourish.


I am a work in progress, but I feel like a masterpiece so far. 


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