Wedding Stuff Because I’m Really Stoked

Now that the wedding thing is happening within less than the amount of time it would take to incubate a human baby (Noooo we aren’t pregnant. For once, we’re being logical.)… I’m getting like giddy stoked about it.

So, I’ll let you in on a little of the planning.

Our Goals:

1. First and foremost, we just want to get married.

2. To have fun. Low-key, not over-the-top, fun.

3. To not go broke(er).

Our Basic Info:

The ceremony is being held right in our apple orchards, and the reception is being held in the barn. Did I mention my aunt is an interior designer and my uncle is a carpenter? We aren’t going to be allowed in the barn for two weeks prior to the wedding, so the inside is going to be a surprise. Squeeeee!

The cake is going to be homemade by my awesome cousin, Laura, with the help of my aunt and Laura’s teacher. It’s going to be even more special because it’s our wedding gift from them. How amazing!?

The photographer is a good friend of mine, Justine Johnson. She gave us a crazy good rate, and she takes the BEST wedding photos in the state. I swear it!

Caterer is a friend of my dad’s from LL Bean, who has catered parties and weddings for our family in the past. Best. Food. EVER.


I think the best part of the wedding is that it’s so close to our hearts. Our first kiss was in this same back yard. This is where we became a family, and where we are beginning our lives together. It is a beautiful place, and not only does it cost us nothing to have the wedding here, but it means so much.

And as I like to say, over and over again, the day is going to be amazing no matter what. I haven’t been picky about anything. I let the Maid of Honors choose the dress. We let Marie really help us choose the whole menu. My mom, aunt, and dad are doing the reception decorating themselves, without our oversight. We’re doing our own makeup, not hiring someone. I just think that the wedding is about fun and love, and not about what the price tag is.

I can’t wait to marry my best friend, my partner, my teammate. Sounds cheesy, but if you know us, you know it’s true. Despite bumps, skinned knees, bruised egos on both of our parts, and all the silliness that comes with being in your early 20’s, we’re just… ecstatic.

Sigh. Can’t. Freaking. Wait. Only 8 months left!!!



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