About My Mentor

On RateMyProfessors.com, my mentor rates a 4.7 out of 5. Which I’m actually surprised at. I figured he would be somewhere in the lower 4’s, but I guess people really like him. I mean, I like him. But I find most people see him as a love or hate kind of dude.

My mentor is in his mid-fifties and has spent all but a short amount of his adult life in the academic world. He has basically an entire wing to himself in one of my alma mater’s buildings. That’s like five 20×40′ rooms- including two labs- that are his. 

He name drops. A lot. And for the first three years that I knew him, I thought he was full of crap. About everything. About every single person he knew. But then I started fact-checking him and turns out, he wasn’t full of crap. 

You know that game, “Three Degrees to Kevin Bacon,”? Yeah, how about “Three Degrees to Nate Hamilton.”

Seriously, the guy knows everybody. And he is a walking reference library as well. 

But most importantly, he is also the most genuinely caring and helpful and smart person I know. If you bust your ass for Nate Hamilton, he will bust his for yours.

And I just wanted to say that I am incredibly grateful for everything he has done for me and all the things he is continuing to do.


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