Feeling Super Cooped Up

Recently I’ve been feeling… caged. Inside. My home. Because of the weather.

I hate the cold. I know I’m a Mainer and I’m supposed to just deal with it and that I’m used to it and all that…

… But I am a Mainer by birth and by custody agreements, not because I like the winter. Because I do not.

I don’t ski or snowboard, I haven’t cross country skied since I was in high school, ice fishing is my own personal version of hell, and snowshoeing isn’t really that much fun either. 

Due to this, I’m completely cooped up. I am not a shopper nor do I have money to go shopping. I think Scott and I have watched every movie on the shelf and are pretty much all the way through Netflix. I have been exercising inside. Yoga. Cleaning. Cleaning.

I have been using Pinterest as my outlet, actually. It’s been helpful. It makes me want to dread up my hair right now and start sewing my own clothes. There’s no legitimate reason I shouldn’t dread up my hair except that it’s too short right now and I want to interview for a job soon, so that makes it hard. And sewing my own clothes not only takes some level of expertise but I have to buy the fabric. Although I think there are some cheapo shops nearby that have fabric for cents on the dollar…

So maybe I will do that. I’ve been in a super crafty mood lately.

Very inspired, but with very little money to work with. Makes it kind of a bargain hunt, I suppose… Maybe that’s what I will do a little of today. 

So, my to-do list to remedy this insane winter caged feeling:

1. Set up the sewing machine in the kitchen

2. Get some patterns 

3. Get some fabric and notions

4. Get some jewelry making tools and supplies

5. Start wood burning more things to sell on Etsy


I guess that’s a good start. Too bad I can’t force my hair to grow so I could get the dreadlocks rolling. I guess it’ll have to wait for summer. LE. SIGH.

Over and out.


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