One Perfect Day

I was reflecting on some of my favorite memories recently, and I got to perusing my photos and I found this one:


It’s a photo of my arm, with two wrist bracelets; one is from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, and the pink one is my admission band to Roger Waters performing The Wall. (Also happened in Philadelphia.)

In 2011, I gave my dad a Christmas gift that I will never be able to top. I got him, myself, and my uncle tickets to go see The Wall at the Phillies stadium the following summer. 

My sister, my uncle Mike, my dad, and I drove down in my grandmother’s black Mustang convertible for the weekend. Scotty and Emily went to go see Asher Roth, and Mike, Dad and I went and experienced the most jaw-dropping, emotionally charged, nostalgia-inducing show I have seen in my entire life. And for a 25-year-old, I’ve seen a lot of concerts.

This wasn’t a concert. This was an experience.

Not only have I been watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall since I was 9, I grew up loving and listening and living to Pink Floyd’s music. And even though it wasn’t the complete group, Roger Waters couldn’t have done better. 

My dad standing in front of The Wall before it started will forever stick in my mind; he stood there, with his hands on his head, just absorbing the experience. And this coming from a man who’s already seen the show, and in the 70’s at that. 

At first, we had nosebleed seats because I was on a budget when I bought the tickets. But because my uncle does security at venues everywhere and has connections out the arse, we met up with a friend-of-a-friend of his who gave us up-close-and-personal pink bands to wear. So we stood in the very front, right underneath the stage. 

I remember thinking, “To have this opportunity to see my dad and my uncle here, and experience this with them is something I should be grateful for.” I definitely teared up during the performance, and it wasn’t just because of the music, it was because this was a once in a lifetime experience, and I was trying to savor every moment.

The photos are kind of low-quality, but it’s still… Roger Waters performing The Wall.






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