Parenting for Imaginative Children

We’re a little “behind the times,” in terms of technology in our house that William uses. I have a smartphone, and I have a computer, but our television is from 2005, weighs about fifty pounds, and has a built in VCR and DVD player in it. We don’t have cable or anything, and we listen to most of our music on a record player. We purposefully don’t own a microwave.

My DVD and VHS collection is pretty old-school in terms of what William can watch. Mostly cartoons, (from the 80’s and 90’s…) and lots of Muppets.

Initially, this was a cost constraint from being a single madre. Then, after we were used to it, the way we were technologically living became a lifestyle.

Additionally, the toys we have are generally speaking, made of wood or are figures (dragons, knights, horses, dinosaurs, swords, shields…) and the electronic ones have to do with dragons and castles. It’s been kind of fun to encourage simple gift-giving from relatives, even if they desperately want to buy him a “toddler tablet.” (UGH.)

As a result, Will is incredibly imaginative. He tells elaborate stories, can pick up a stick or a bowl and become a magician, he ‘reads’ to us… This morning, he was standing on a woven mat in our kitchen pretending he was sailing on the ocean. I think the lack of shiny, noisy, crazy toys has enabled him to learn how to make his own fun. And it’s been a blast watching him fall in love with knights, dragons, great deeds, and of course, swords.



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