On Fresh Motivation / Helpful Internets People

The past two weeks I’ve academically been in a slump. I’ve had my blinders on for nearly the entire semester, studying more than I needed to, doing extra work, and making sure I was up to date on all of my reading and notes. But the past two weeks, I’ve slacked just slightly, and now it has me feeling a little panicked for finals.

But, who doesn’t get panicky for finals, right?

I have a pretty strict schedule I’m trying to stick to for studying, and it’s kind of grueling but in a week, it will all be over and the fat lady will have sung her praise over my final exams.

This morning I sat for a two hour patho review and simultaneously received some responses on a forum for pre-meds that really boosted my motivation. I was already motivated, but I was feeling pretty tired. 

But now, I feel like someone has restored my cape and my Wonder Woman status has been returned.

Sometimes I just need a little extra push to make me feel like I’m back on track and headed in the right direction. And so, I’m off to conquer my finals. Huzzah!


3 thoughts on “On Fresh Motivation / Helpful Internets People

  1. You can do it!

    I’m an M2 also blogging against burnout and the like 🙂 We’ve about a week left until our finals and I admit my motivation has been equally low up until about a week ago. Sometimes I wonder how much “slacking” is based on our super type-A view of how a med student should be… glad you found some encouragement this week and that I stumbled across your blog!

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