You Know Those “If You Were A Disney Princess” Quizzes?

Well, I think they’re bunk. I’ve never put much thought into them because I always hoped I wasn’t at all like any of them.

Most of the Disney princesses are obsessed with getting the man, getting the dress, the riches, the castle, etc. This is not really an attitude I possess (I’d much rather get my MD or PhD…) and my waist line, though small, does not rival any of theirs. I also was never really into the whole musical thing, y’know?

The only one I’ve ever been like, “Oh, that’d be nice,” was Jasmine, and that was SOLELY because she had a pet tiger.

But the other night while I was sifting through Netflix, I found Hercules. I thought, “Gee, William will really like this.” So for the first time in about a decade and then some, I watched Hercules.

I’m assuming all of you are familiar with the movie, but basically Hercules needs to become a god again after Hades has robbed him of his godhood, minus the strength. As Hercules is trying to do this, he meets Meg. Falls in love. Etc.

The first scene where Hercules meets Meg, he asks her if she needs help escaping the clutches of a monster. To this, she rolls her eyes at him and says – incredibly sarcastically- “I am a damsel, I am in distress… And I can handle this.”

Scott turns to me and goes, “That’s you.”


And I was at first offended because Meg is super sarcastic, super stubborn, kind of bitchy, and overall a pain in the ass because she’s working for Hades and all that.

But then, as I kept watching it, I realized…

…Yeah, Scott’s kind of right. She might be sarcastic and bitchy, but she’s also strong and has a really softie core. And she rolls her eyes an awful lot.

I guess if I had to be a Disney princess, I’d be Megera. Even though she’s not a princess, and she’s the anti-archetype of a Disney princess.

I’ll take it.


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