Still Mad About 2006 When I Bombed my Freshman Year

My Freshman year grades were really bad.

That’s not even me exaggerating. They’re TERRIBLE. There’s a pretty good explanation for it, but you know, they still sucked.

First, below I have assembled a line chart demonstrating how my GPA *actually* is awesome. (Overall GPA is a 3.1…)


See that nice upward trend? Yeah, that’s right, I made a line chart. But the thing is… I actually am super good at school. I just happened to have two life-threatening illnesses during my freshman year of college.

But the fact remains, my first two semesters were spent mainly in the hospital and not in school, and so my overall GPA has suffered dramatically.

I know, I know- I should have dropped the classes. Duh! But I was being too ambitious or tenacious or stubborn, or ill-informed as to the best thing to do in that case.

So here I am trying to raise my GPA just to a 3.2 so I can be even slightly competitive when I apply to D.O. school.


3 thoughts on “Still Mad About 2006 When I Bombed my Freshman Year

  1. Good luck, medical schools do like upward trends. It also sounds like you had legitimate reasons to struggle during your freshman year, I hope you had a chance to capture that for admissions committees in the primaries.

    • I’m not a person who likes to come up with excuses. However, as far as legitimate excuses go, I think acute lobar nephronia and an abdominal surgery are pretty good “excuses.”
      I’m applying in 2014, so wish me luck!! 🙂

      • Oh, those don’t sound like excuses, they sound more like reasons why you understand what ‘sick’ means to future patients. This also says to me that you’re a tough cookie. I had a terrible overall GPA because I transferred into a university with a terrible GPA, but my university GPA + upward spiral GPAs were good.

        As long as you’re not using the violin while writing your application you should be fine =D. Luck? Nah, I think you deserve to be in, so I hope you find the program that fits you.

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